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Ardent's Mission:

Ardent provides Engineering talent to companies with products where safety and precision are paramount.  These products must be designed to protect people and assets and therefore utilize rigorous compliance to good engineering practices and our client’s quality processes to help protect the people who use them. Ardent engineers are seasoned in best practices to mitigate product functional risk. Ardent's professional engineering staff will strive to ensure project success.

Ardent's History:

Ardent's engineering services organization was founded by Mr. Joseph Malysa in the late 1980's to provide software and engineering services to the medical imaging community.  Joe's team was involved with General Electric's Healthcare division to launch their first Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging System in the late 1980's. The team has grown and morphed into Ardent Engineering when Brian Petersen began managing the organization in 2010.

Value Creation:

Ardent strives to add value to client corporations by swiftly and seamlessly integrating into their organizations.  Our people work hard to quickly understand the challenge, and begin working toward solutions in a timely manner.  Our employees are experienced in working in various team structures and will take support or leadership roles as requested. Ardent aspires to enable their employees to attain their professional goals through project championship.